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Salvatore Coco Zurich / Switzerland

Salvatore Coco
Senior CGI Generalist at AWE Schaffhausen

Senior 3D Artist with technical skills / CGI Training

founder of CDA3DLive Visualisation & 3D Art since 2001

My name is Salvatore Coco. I have more than 20 years experiance in the CGI Industry as Senior 3D Artist.

It all started in 2001 with the legendary Corel Bryce. Since that time not one day has passed without opening at least one 3D Software. In the last 20 years, I created a lot of renders with different goals. Then I found a love for Architecture Visualisation.

From that day on I specialized in Architecture and Product Visualisation. Beside Visualisations, I also love to research new tools and learn new 3D Software.

VFX and CG Work on:

  • digital effects for “The Halloween Pranksta” (2014), directed by Carl Paolino and co-produced by Mark Hamill.
  • digital effects for The Talisman (2014) directed by Edwin Pagan

I’m have the honor to be listet in IMDb Link

CGI skills:

  • texturing, lighting, modeling, material creation, composition, camerasetups, renderengines, workflow, compositing


Houdini 20.0.265

3ds Max 2024

Cinema 4D 2024

LightWave 2023

Chaos Corona / Redshift / Arnold

DaVinci Resolve

Adobe PS / Lightroom

Unreal Engine 4 / 5

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