2022_Houdini open Ocean

221009 Houdini open Ocean

The Sky is made in 3DSMax with the new Corona Render clouds and sky. I redered it out as an EXR with a 360 spherical cam to create an HDRI.

In Houdini I create the scene setup and camera animation to render it out with Redshift. The ocean setup is done with the ocean evaluate and ocean spectrum node tree.

The ocean water material is quit simple. It is just reflection and refraction, that’s it 🙂

The Ocean itself is just a grid with 2048×2048 poligon resolution. The tree ocean spectrum nodes for every wave type and the grid goes into the ocean evaluate node. The ocean evaluate node does all the awesome ocean and wave movements for you.

For larger oceans you need to use masks and the pointvop node to blend the wavetypes to avoide repetitive pattern. In this example the ocean is just 500m2, so it is not so strong. Then render all out as EXR Image sequenze and bring it into Davinci Resolve. After some colorgrading it was done.

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